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 Reflections on Recent Mexican Narrative

First Mexican Posada 2003

1st Christmas "Posada" 2003

Thank you for your attendance to our first Mexican Posada

18th December 2003, in the Centre for Mexican Studies, UCC

Thank you very much for your attendance to our first Mexican Posada, I would like to thank personally to all for make this possible, for singing the "Posadas" so well, specially to Nuala Finnegan, Mexican Centre Director for the enormous collaboration to this event.

Here is the list of the people that attended the posada (It was taken from the forms that everybody filled)

Maria O'Brian, Jeremiah Teahan, Ana Cruz Garcia, Araceli Stuart, Elisa Serra Porteiro, Suzane Buckley, Kawal JII Singn,Maria Santander, Rosalia Long, Yesica Hernandez Marino, Martin Veiga, Neicius Casey, Anna O'Mahony, Aidan Hennessy, Jegou Johana, Sofia Mendes, Ferrari Emanuele, Walter Toma,Gavin Ow,  Nuala Fineggan, Susana Winter, Karla Kowalski, Bob Kowalski, Kevin O'Sullivan, Patricia Gamez Garcia, Shaher Bukhari, Mirian and Francisco.

Here are the comments that you wrote:

 Shaher Bukhari     " I like the idea of having people gather at one place and spend some time together".

Maria O'Brian         Lovely Party!

Jeremiah Teahan    I would like to be contacted for the next event.

Ana Cruz Garcia     I would like to be contacted for the next event.

Elisa Serra Porteiro    Because I live in Dublin, I don't know if I'd be able to attend but if possible I'd like to be informed of the next events

Suzane Buckley        Wonderfull, well done, would be interested in Mexican     representative at International Cultures week festival 2004

Kawal JII Singn        Good Food & Culture

Yesica Hernandez Marino    Very Happy to have been in a Mexican party

                                                 in Ireland. Thanks!

Neicius Casey        Great food, good singing a great experience, a new experience and a great way to know about Mexican culture.

Jegou Johana

    Looking forward for a party or why not a mexican show or movies

Gavin Ow

Great Posada! Thanks for the food and the drinks

Muchas Gracias    / Thank you Very Much!

For More Information Contact:

Mexican Society of Ireland


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